Gyokuro, a premium tea, has a concentrated taste.
Try Gyokuro as an alternative to aperitifs!

Serve Matcha like espresso

Ujitawara Town, Kyoto,Japon

The birthplace of Japanese green tea

The second free tasting campaign will be held.
The previous campaign was so well received that we will run it again for a limited time.
We will send one free set of the rare Kyoto Uji tea campaign set to each first-time U.S. resident.
Please pay only the shipping cost ($7.00) from Japan.
The only condition for registering for this campaign is that you must post on a social networking site (Facebook or Instagram) with #Kyotochaen after you receive the product.
Please register your e-mail address first.
After that, you will be asked to register your e-mail address.

Only those who have entered their name and shipping address in the online store and have paid the shipping fee of $7.00 will be eligible to receive our promotional products.

The offer ends on November 20th at 24:00 pm (U.S. time).
Please note that we will end the campaign when we reach 100 people by then.


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Gyokuro is the espresso of Japan.

Gyokuro, the most expensive of the Kyoto Uji teas, is a Japanese tea with a strong sweetness and concentrated flavor.

Matcha | 100% from Ujitawara (Kyoto) | Powder

Stone-ground organic tea leaves

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