Hide and tetsu

KYOTO CHAEN story is created by the bond between two lifetime buddies.

KYOTO CHAEN is started in March 2012 with one goal with two guys in Uji natal boys.
“Produce Safe and delicious Uji tea at a fair price”
As a tea productor, we are always close to my tea consumers, tea lovers , then I love to hear my clients says, “It was delicious!” It is the most beautiful words in the world.
Me and Tetsu, we are good teams. We know each other more than 20 years.
We combine the strength of two guys and complement each other.
As you know, Kyoto-Uji tea is the number one brand in Japan, Kyoto-Uji-Tawara is the birthplace of Japanese Green Tea, and has been recognized as the first Japanese heritage site.
In addition to the traditional Sencha, Gyokuro and Matcha teas, we have also started to develop our own blend of teas with herbs such as mint.
All of our teas are 100% Uji-Tawara, Kyoto and are never mixed with other teas. It is 100% Kyoto, Kyoto IGT. (Actually, this restriction is not in law in Japan but we do spontaneously)

Address: 32 Higashisyo Minami, Ujitawara-cho, Tsuduki-gun, Kyoto
Website: https://en.kyoto-chaen.jp
Email: info@kyoto-chaen.jp

Hide (Hideki Kakiuchi)
Born into the 21st generation of a tea farming family and learned the basics of conventional tea production from my father, but I had doubts about conventional farming methods and last year I submitted an application for approval for pesticide-free farming.
Tea is something we drink every day. Now that I am a parent, I have become more aware of the need for safe and reliable food and drink. Please drink safe tea with Japanese tea-pot Kyusu.
My motto: Hurry up and go!

Tetsu (Tetsuya Yasui)
Born in Uji, Yuyadani, Kyoto, the very famous birthplace of green tea, to the fifth generation of tea farmers.
After working at bank teller, became a tea farmer.He feels that working in a natural environment is more rewarding than working in a bank, and he is always looking for new ways to make tea from the consumer’s point of view.
Favorite food Meat, Favorite drink Gyokuro & Beer
My motto: Do what you say you will do!