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The new tea season is upon us!

The tea leaves grown with organic fertilizer are beautiful!
April 30th

 We start with the first plucking of our Uji black tea.
On that day, the sun shines on the new shoots of the tea leaves, making them glisten with an indescribable color.

The organic tea leaves without fertilizers, are beautiful.
The first plucking of the tea leaves starts on the 1st of May, like Japanese famous tea picking song …. just in time for the summer season.

In the KYOTO CHAEN, my tea farm.
When I was a child, my father and mother used to pick the tea leaves by hand or with scissors, but nowadays they are picked by machine.
Now we use a machine to cut the first shoots. See video,
I put music on video instead of the machine's engine noise. 

After this, the tea leaves are left to rest for a few days before being made into Uji black tea.

The first tea leaves will be very small quantities. Very prestigious. 

The second shoots, which will appear in about 40 days, are cut again which are more abundant in quantity.

If you are interested in our First flash black tea, please let me know as soon as possible.
I will reserve some quantities for you.

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