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Uji black tea (Tachibana) is available in limited quantities.

The number of tachibana trees seems to be decreasing.
The Yamato Tachibana tree in Nara, which was shared with us during the last pruning, is said to be an endangered species.
In the Heian period (794-1185), the nobles used to grow tea and tachibana trees for their own consumption, but as time went by, they were moved to other parts of the country.
The remnants of these trees are now used to grow citrus fruits in many places.

It is a valuable species of citrus, but when blended with our Uji black tea, it goes very well.

In fact, when we sent a small sample to one of our regular customers as a monitor
They said, “It has a rich citrus scent that refreshes me and is delicious.

First, we tasted the taste and aroma of the tachibana leaves alone.
Here is the blended leaf.
The deep color of the Uji black tea (Tachibana) comes through well.


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